PREMIERING Wednesday June 8, 2022


Extremely popular high school star football player CONNER TUCKER has a life changing day at school when, because of a broken leg, he signs up for a cooking class and meets school outcast JAYDEN SANSBURY. The two high school boys are from different sides of the popularity clique and form a fast friendship which sparks a journey of self discovery.

This drama is intended to provide audiences an innocent and romantic gay love story set in and around fictional Bueller High School – the drama is focused on a budding relationship, not a negative “coming out” experience, love triangle or a militant fight for tolerance/acceptance.

Connor & Jayden is a proof-of-concept pilot designed to introduce a core storyline that is the basis of an 8-episode series currently written and ready for production at Harbor Heights Entertainment.


• Drama
• Romantic Love Story


• Moral Growth
• First Love
• Defiance
• LGBTQ Issues
• Rites Of Passage
• Identity Development Through Process Of Trials, Experiences & Revelations
• Social Development & Realization Of Social Expectations/Norms
• Gender/Race/Social Class Structure
• Loss Of Childhood Innocence
• Conformity: Socially Constructed Identity vs A Personal Sense Of Identity


• Engaging
• Heartwarming
• Dramatic
• Funny
• Uplifting

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