Production/Design/Creative Consultant

Wade Heath Story or Heath as he is known to family and friends has not only been an avid film goer he also delved into the medium early on by packing up and moving to California where he got first hand experience in front of the camera during the late  nineties movie and television teen boom. “Between 1999 and 2001 if a show had a high  school or a prom I was there. It was fun and exciting and was infinitely better than  waiting tables. I have always loved acting and the experience served me well. You can  never understand a set unless you’ve been on one.”

Understanding the medium from both sides of the camera has served him well. “The  entire process from the sets to the crew to the wardrobe to the extras has to be in sync  or you’re dead out the gate” he says. “ I loved all of it but I was fascinated by the  production and set designers collaboration with every department.” If there’s a red  couch, the actor can’t wear a red shirt. If there’s a red wall the couch can’t be red. I love  the management of the visual aspect of a production.”

Heath has been designing and renovating his whole life for friends, family and friends  and family of friends and family. At some point you realize that 1) people like your style  and 2) you should find a way to make a living at it. In recent years he decided to put his  innate sense of color and placement to work in the film business. An ongoing personal  and working relationship with his partners in Harbor Heights Entertainment (“…they are  quite simply my best friends.”) led to him making his production designing film debut  with the short CONNOR & JAYDEN.

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